Lux Helsinki

Lux Helsinki is a festival of lights and five-day long event. It’s arranged every year in Helsinki. This event includes different forms of light arts and urban city art for a few kilometer-long walking paths. Light art is in the most famous or less well-known buildings and parks. Behind the artistic design are Ilkka Paloniemi and Matti Jykylรค.

A lighting festival creates new experiences. The power and beauty of lights attract the viewers in the middle of dark seasons. Lux Helsinki is organized by the city of Helsinki.

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The buildings and areas include, among others, the Helsinki Cathedral, Senate Square, the Barracks and Erottaja fire station.

This event was, in my opinion, spectacular and excellent. The light art was astonishing. There was a lot of visitors on the go. The light Festival had a certain route along where we walked. Light art destinations were also numbered. A few light works included featured music and sound effects. I think that the festival highlighted the city culture and the power of light.

Here are photos from the event.






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