My blog one-month celebration

Now, my blog is turning one-month-old! I am so proud, grateful and happy for this journey I have started. I remember when I wrote my first blog post and pressed the send button.

I like this inspiration what I have got and writing about things I love and enjoy. Writing about my life, healthy lifestyle and wellness. I want to get inspiration to healthy habits and lifestyle. I want to write healthy food recipes and lifestyle, what I discover or want to achieve into my life.

For celebrating this one-month anniversary, I am turning my blog site to my own. Here is the new link: 😊 I am quite excited for this because I have wanted to launch my own site and get own name for this blog. I wanted to be sure, that I am going to be on this journey.

Where do you find me on social media?

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter, my account name is @tiiaslife.
If you want to contact me, you can send me an e-mail:
My Facebook page is: 😊

What I have learned so far?

If someone had told me a year ago that I am going to start blogging and writing it in English. I would not have thought or guess this never ever! This was a surprise to me too. My own home language is Finnish. I can speak and write also English, but it is not my first language. So, I am proud that I am trying my best and I am learning every day something new. I am going to learn be better.

Blogging has shown me that I have my own voice and style of blogging, writing and creating new posts. I have learned to create my blog site, layout, and posts. I have thought about what I want to write about now and in the future. I want to write posts about according to the theme or few topics. I write about my life journey, healthy lifestyle, wellness and home dΓ©cor. My blog posts include always some of these themes.

During this month I have noticed how great support and a unique community is among with other bloggers. I have got good comments, lovely feedback and new followers for my blog. I have got nominated for awesome blogger award from another blogger and got nominate other for it too. I have read awesome bloggers blogs and saw how talented they are. It is great and awesome to be one of these lifestyle bloggers among others.

Here are top 3 best blog posts for this month

1.30-day vegan challenge

Link here:

2. Creamy vegan soup

Link here:

3. The inspiration for life and Awesome blogger award #1

Links here:

What is coming next?

Here is a little taste of what’s coming next on my blog… 😊

I am going to write posts about healthy lifestyle, food, and snacks recipes. I am going to cook and try new recipes, so I am sharing these with you in my blog. I am also writing about things what I want to do more and less in my life. I want to write something that inspires me and would inspire you too. I am going to write something about me and my lifestyle habits or spirit too. I want my blog to be part of me and life journey at the age of 27. I will write more about what I love and would want to know more.

I want to learn to be a better photographer. I use some sites to get free photos, which can be used free and this kind of purpose on my blog site and posts. I like good and beauty photos.

In next month, there are coming blog posts about positive attitude and bucket list for 2018. Also, I write more about my 30-day vegan challenge, how it went and what I noticed in my body after this month without meat and dairy products. Everything else, you must see and wait for it. I am so going to write and keep writing more. Thank you for reading this post!

Thank you for all viewers, readers and my lovely followers! ❀ I would not be here without you and your support!

23 thoughts on “My blog one-month celebration

  1. Wow well done, you have an amazing journey ahead.
    As for that creamy vegan soup, I can not wait to try it.
    I am looking forward to your posts, our health should be of paramount importance, I try to remind myself of this daily!

    Liked by 1 person

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