Top 5 february health goals

1. Healthy choices

I want to do healthy choices in foods and my lifestyle. I want to eat fresh and real foods, a lot of vegetables, berries and fruits. I need really healthy food and snacks in to my life. I want to learn cook new recipes and write about these in my blog. I want to develop my cooking skills. I need good lifestyle habits and healthy choices in my life. Mine healthy lifestyle includes also exercise, yoga, pilates and outdoors activity. I would like to go long walks, enjoy fresh air and do some exercises at home.

I would want to keep up with vegan lifestyle and food choices. I really liked and enjoy this new lifestyle and habits. I think my body and mind keep up, do better without meat, dairy product and bad food choices. I feel better with vegan foods and this lifestyle. I enjoy vegan cooking and new recipes. I like to cook vegan foods and learn new things. I enjoy a lot cooking vegan foods and healthy treats. I want to find new kind of comforting foods and treat choices.

2. Wellness and rest time

I want to focus in this year for my wellness, well-being and rest time in the weeks. I want to do more good life and wellness choices. I need some kind of balance in my life and well-being. I want that my work, free time and rest time is well balanced. I don’t want to forget taking it slow and focus on rest or free time. I would want to stay some days at home, doing some cleaning and blog things. Then I would do some cooking and taking care of my home. I would want to invite close people to my home for a coffee sometimes.

I need also good night sleep and rest time in home. I would like to learn resting and new habits, like taking more relax time. I would want to keep my own time without technology and social media. This would be on Sunday, one a week. I think that I use a lot of time with my blog and marketing it, so I need rest time from these different social media sites and browsing the web. I want to focus some day for something else and enjoy my time without social media one a week. I think life is every where else than in web, although social media is big thing in this time of life’s and it is normal to connect with others in web.

3. Job

I am starting my job in February and I want to focus on that. I need balanced work schedule and weeks. I want to develop my work skills and be good in my job. I want to learn focus job and separate free time from work. I need some kind of motivation and inspiration to working mode. I want to keep my private life away from work. I need to focus also well-being at work and remember to keep breaks.

4. Sugar free month

I want to use less sugar and products, where is added sugar. It is important to read the foods labels and be exact in food shopping. I want to learn cook healthy treats and snacks. I would choose healthier snacks at my days, like fruits and vegetables sticks. More important, I want to eat less sugar products and eat healthier. This impacts in my body, skin and mind. I want healthier body and skin care.

5. Blog post about healthy lifestyle, recipes and posts marketing

In my blog, I want to write about my life, healthy lifestyle and wellness. I have already write some of my healthy recipes from the vegan challenge month in January. I would want to write more about healthy recipes, lifestyle and wellness habits. I want to inspire people and my readers. I need this inspiration too because it helps me keep on track with healthy life choices and wellness. In the future I would want to invest to good camera, blogging inspiration and ideas.

I want to learn marketing on my blog posts and how I can find readers or followers. Blog is nothing without readers who enjoy blog posts and get something out of it. It is nice to hear feedback and comments from the post I write, while this is still so new to me. I have already keeping my blog for a month and I have learn so much. I wouldn’t know my life without blogging anymore and this community where I ended up with my blog. I don’t regret start writing a blog because I am now a lifestyle blogger and I love it!

Have you made some healthy choices or goals in this year?

6 thoughts on “Top 5 february health goals

    1. That’s pretty good diet! We have also rich vegetable based nutrition in here Finland. I just don’t like that shop’s are marketing all kind of packaging food and products. 🙂 I want to do healthier opinions and eat very plant-based and real food. 🙂 Thank you for this comment.


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