After 30-day vegan challenge

So now it is time to think the past and tell you guys what happened in my 30-day vegan challenge. How it went and what I learned? What I ate and drank? Some of you commented on my post that you would want to know how it went and what I thought about this vegan challenge. And how I made it for a month without meat, dairy products, and processed foods.

In the first week, I noticed that my body started to clean out and my skin started to heal. I had some bad skin problems and few spots. I had planned every week’s foods for the whole month and I am telling you more about these plans when we go on. So, cooking was fun, and I wanted to follow the food choices, what I have made at the beginning of this month. I think this was a good thing for grocery shopping and shop list planning. It made my grocery shops easier because I had already decided what I ate and really needed. So, it was helpful and easy to do grocery lists. In this first week, I did some exercise, like yoga and walking outside.

My second week started with pilates. During the second week, I felt lighter and my digestion worked very well. Yes, that’s so straightforward and honest to say, but it seemed like eating vegetarian and plant-based food, it digests very well. In this week my skin problems got worse. I tried to drink more water and used some skin products to help my skin situation.

I notice that I had cook new and healthy foods already a lot, while it’s just middle of the month. I enjoyed very much cooking and healthy food choices. I started to write posts about the vegan foods what I cooked, I write down the recipes and take some photos from food preparations. I got some tasty and wonderful new recipes. I cooked multiple new vegan foods, what I never had to try before this month. I was very proud of myself and I wouldn’t ever have quested that it would be so easy.

I add here my January food plans and comments about how it changed just a few things.

My food plans for January

Week 1
– broad bean tortillas and salad
– vegan soup

Week 2
– lentil soup -> I made coconut lentil soup
– vegetable steaks, veggies and sweet potato -> I left veggies out and potatoes changed to  fries

Week 3
– pureed beetroot soup
– broad bean steaks and mashed potatoes -> I got broad bean steaks ready from the shop and mashed potatoes changed to fries

Week 4
– broad bean macaroni casserole
– avocado pasta -> This changed to curry bean sauce and basmati rice

Here are some photos from my cooking and snacks.

In the third week, I notice my jeans didn’t squeeze or felt tight like the beginning of the month. This week I did some yoga at home. In this week I tried new recipes and cooked some good food. I really didn’t feel any hunger or weakness. I ate well and fresh food.

At the last week, I felt normal and healthy, I haven’t eaten any meat or dairy products for a month. I succeeded in doing so well this vegan lifestyle and I didn’t miss the meat. I think my meals were very healthy and comforting. I think that throughout the month I ate very healthy, plant-based foods and cooked my meals from the beginning itself. I didn’t feel any hunger, full or bulky.

At the end of the month, I had lost about 2 kilos weight. I thought that as well. I didn’t even try to lose weight. I would want to keep up this vegan lifestyle in February too because it made me feel so good and light. I think I am going to take some fish and eggs back to my nutrition for the future. I miss healthy fish and some healthy baking from eggs.

In February I want to eat more berries and fruits for snacks. I want to cook more fresh salads and try veggie pizza in homemade. I want to eat less sugar, ready meals, and specially produced foods.

So I am going to write and post these vegan foods recipes or drinks, that I made at this month. I want to share these tasty and healthy plant-based foods for you. I am ready to continue this journey with plant-based nutrition and keep on sharing foods what I discover or develop in the future.

What you thought about this post? Have you done some healthy food choices this month? Have a tasty week! 🙂 

13 thoughts on “After 30-day vegan challenge

    1. That’s nice to hear! And nice that your family likes it too. 🙂 It is nice to have tasty and healthy food by little preparation and searching for new recipes. Thank you for visiting in my post! 🙂


  1. Wow good for you! I’ve been meaning to try something like this, vegan or vegetarian day but it’s so hard. I can’t even last 3 days I love meat too much. I definitely want to try it though and stick to it to help restart and cleanse my system. Your meals look really tasty by the way so that’s motivating. Did you purchase a recipe book specifically for this?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to hear. It really was easier what I thought. I got one new recipe journal or memo, where I can write new recipes. 🙂 My Lady recipe book is almost full. Thank you for reading !


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