Travel fever

Before I start telling about where I would like to travel, I could tell a little bit where I have been visited so far. I have traveled in Greece and Cyprus a few years ago. There I visit in Crete and Agia Napa. I have visited also in Sweden and Estonia multiple times. Here are some photos from the holidays.

Where do I want to travel in the future?

I would want to visit in Croatia, Italy, and Norway.

Travel dreams in Europe

Also, some cities in Europe interested me like. I would like to travel to London, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Marseilles. Here are these places in the photos.

– London in EnglandĀ 

– Gothenburg in Sweden


– Copenhagen in Denmark


– Marseilles in the south of France

Hope you liked this post. šŸ™‚ Where you would like to travel this year?

2 thoughts on “Travel fever

  1. I absolutely LOVE Italy! And I live near London, which is always fun. I hope to go to either Iceland or Belgium this year, but I already have several other trips planned to South Africa, Luxembourg and Norway, so Iā€™d be happy with just those as well!

    Rachel ||

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