Say YES to a healthy lifestyle

I want to write about what things or ways include in my perspective to a healthy lifestyle. I have read some books and articles about different healthy lifestyles or guides from this topic. I want to list some of the things, which are important to me and what I think inspire me when I want to achieve healthy habits.

First thing I think it’s important nutrition and healthy eating habits. I think that whole foods and fresh ingredients makes good for yourself. It is good to eat diversely, like colorful vegetables, fruits, and berries. Water is a good choice for drinking and to get a good liquid balance. Your body needs water on a daily basis.

All food choices or products are not suitable for everyone if there are food allergies or food sensitivity. I can only talk about my own perspective like my body does not like dairy products, wheat or sugar. I notice this on my skin and body. Dairy products and sugar affect my skin’s well-being.

In life, it is good to have your way of moving and exercise, what you like to do and enjoy. We need some good exercise and movement so that the body and mind can be refreshed. Also, outdoor, activities and walking in nature does well for yourself. In life, you should value in good relationships, close friends, and family.

On a daily basis, we need good night’s sleep, relaxation and rest. Somebody needs sleep 7 or up to 9 hours per a day, it is individual. In the free time, it is good to have meaningful things to do and hobbies you like. Everyone has their own need and time to between resting and doing things. Relaxation and even the warm bath relax before bedtime. Everyone has their own way to relax and rest. Sometimes it’s good to treat yourself to good and healthy food or things that will make you feel good.

I have to say that there was just my thoughts and opinion of what things I think is part of healthy lifestyle. I do not want to make assumptions or be right about everything, everyone has their own opinions and thoughts on things. Also in a healthy lifestyle. ❤

What’s your favorite healthy habit or life choice?
– Tiia 

Healhty lifestyle

8 thoughts on “Say YES to a healthy lifestyle

  1. Hi, Tiia! I love how simple, yet effective this post is. So many people today make healthy lifestyles more complicated than they have to be. I personally agree with breaking it down to the basics. My favorite part about living a healthy lifestyle is the ability to customize it into whatever works best for my body, mind, etc. Loved your post! 🙂

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    1. Hi, thank you for your thoughts and I think the same way. 🙂 I try to do better life choices day by day. What really works for me and my life. 🙂 Thank you for reading!


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