Three good things challenge

In this challenge, I will think about three good things in life. In this time of our real life, we are usually in hurry. It is important to stay present and think more of meaningful things. It is good to stop and take a breath.

In this challenge, I name three good things in my day, myself, life, this year and my blog. Sometimes is good to notice good things, around you and be grateful.

Three good things in my day

I eat today tasty soup, what was one good thing in my day.

I spend quality time with my sister. That was great and made my day better. I like spending time with my family and siblings.

I love to sleep, what were the least favorite thing in my day and the end of it. When I could go to sleep and rest after a good day.

Three good things about myself

I am empathic, that is one good thing about me.  I really listen to other people and family. I care for others and want to be present.

I have a nice smile. I have got a good feedback from this. My smile is a second good thing.

I like my creativity side of myself. This is the last good thing about me.

Three good things in life

Three good things in life are family, friends, and health.

Three good things in this year

I am glad I started blogging, what I could do without it! I am really learning new things and writing things that I care and love. Blogging is on a good thing in this year so far.

I started my year with a vegan challenge, what I like about. I like cooking and testing new recipes. I really learned new things about cooking vegan foods and healthier.

I think the good thing for this year is also my home. I really enjoy living here and like my home.


Three good things on my blog

I write about things I enjoy and love. I don’t want to write about things which doesn’t interest me or things I don’t know about so much. But some things can be new if I want to learn new things and get the information for blogging.

I like my blog layout, text font, and color theme. I tried to choose colors, which I like and what suits on the site.

I like in my blog the topics that I chose to post content and write about. I thought that lifestyle, wellness, and home décor was something that I wanted to write more. I am interested in healthy lifestyle and wellness. I like to décor my home and dream about different style elements.

What you think about this post and challenge? I dare you to think about three good things in your life. Have a great day! Thank you for reading ❤ 😊

three good things

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