Go fat go – after 3-week meal plan and challenge

So, I was part of this Go fat go -meal plan and healthier eating challenge for a 3-week period. This challenge purpose was to eat healthily and regularly. I got a meal plan for 3 weeks, what I followed. I thought it was important to me get a better feeling in my body and get healthy nutrition in my daily basis. I really was a sugar addict and it was hard to do better choices until I was eating already healthy and pretty well. I really needed to add my week’s exercise, movement, and activity.

In the first week, I did do two walks in nature, there were 4 km and 2-3 km length walkings. At the end of this week, I rested because I was working on Saturday. At Sunday I cooked my next weeks foods and prepped them ready for the week. I tried to eat healthier and tried to cut down the sugary products.

In the second week I was really stressed out and didn’t do any exercises Monday to Friday, but I did longer walking in Viikki. This was 6 km long walking in beautiful nature trails and fields. I really enjoy the day and weather. After that, I went to Seurasaari with my Sister’s family and we see the Easter bonfire. This was a really cool event.

Last week I did some yoga more and tried to do mental practice. I bought these wellness cards. I put them on the door of the fridge on different days, to remind myself of different things. Like trusting myself, believing on tomorrow, remember to rest and accepting myself. I want to talk to myself better way and be positive and be gentler to myself.

What I notice this 3-week time?

I notice already at the beginning that I was eating before really scantily. I bought food scale so I could measure my foods, berries, and vegetables. This was just an eye-opening for me because I noticed that I ate in the past too little.

I didn’t feel any hunger. I thought the portion sizes were good. I didn’t really check my weight many times. I felt the swelling disappeared as time went by. The clothes were sitting better.

I checked all the food and grocery shopping, that I didn’t buy any bread, sugary products, and fewer fruits also. I thought that I bought many egg bogs, a lot of berries and fresh vegetables. It was really surprising, how much protein you should eat. This was really hard for me because I wasn’t used to this.

In the third week, I notice that a little bit of something sweet was stupid sweet, it tasted so much that I couldn’t it so much than before. This was good for me because I want to eat less bad things and foods that aren’t good for me and my body.

I used some supplements like Omega-3 caps, B-vitamin, zinc, and D-vitamin. Sometimes I drank vitamin drink-tabs, which included all kinds of vitamins. I don’t really know how I say it in English. 😀


I didn’t eat just vegan foods. I used also some chicken or fish but didn’t really use red meat at all. It was surprising how different vegetables and berries I could eat for a 3-week period time. I tried to remember to drink enough water. I used this bigger water can, what I fill several times per one day.

Here are also photos of my snacks and healthier food choices.

I checked my measurements on the last day in this challenge.
Here are my changes:
– Chest -2 cm
– waist -2 cm
– Hip -4 cm
– Belly button -2 cm

My weight was really moving a lot. Some days I lost 1-2 kg, but it always went back. I thought this was a really short period to do so big changes and I really want to do better choices and be healthier. I think my goals have changed a lot, for what I think about two or three years ago. I want to invest in my wellness and wellbeing. I want to learn to cook and prep healthier food and treats, what I enjoy and want to eat. I don’t want to be so strict, so I don’t feel shame or criticize myself for making bad choices.

I can really recommend checking out some healthy meal plans or inspiration pics from Pinterest. How you can change your eating habits and daily activity? What is that you want to change your life? It is good to think about your goals and steps, how you get there. It is the bath and the small steps, how you get results.

Feel free to tell your thoughts in the comments below. 😊 Have an active day!

Go fat go

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