Sushi buffet review in Helsinki

Sushi buffet review and opinions

We visited this restaurant in Helsinki, where I haven’t been earlier. This was the first visit in this Itsudemo sushi buffet and restaurant. It is Japanese restaurant and you can eat as much you can. It is a buffet, where are warm food opinions and sushi rollers. Plus, there is also dessert buffet and coffee or tea opinions. I think the selections and buffet trays looked delicious and tasty. I think there was a lot of choices and opinions, where to choose your plate. I think this is perfect to get to lunch with a friend or family member.

I got a lot of photos, from the foods, buffets, and desserts. I put these here in next. I think the pics show everything and it is half of the taste. I can recommend this place, for finish people and visitors who travel in Finland. I think that I haven’t eaten before anywhere is so good selection of foods and sushi buffet. And you have dessert too! What you can ever dream and get a good taste of everything you want. If you like sushi, you will like this restaurant also! 😊


Warm food choices

Warm food choices

bdrSushi buffet selection

Sushi buffet

Wasabi and ginger

First plate

Sushi plate and soy sauce

Fruit selections





Coffee and tea


Link to Itsudemo restaurant’s website is:


Here are the prices. I think the price was all worth of every euro. In this price, you can eat how much you can and want to. And dessert includes the price.

13 / lunch buffet / Monday to Friday / open 11 am – 4.30 pm

16,50 / Buffet in evening and weekend

28 / Teppanyaki / Friday to Sunday /
Open: Friday 11 am – 10 pm / Saturday 12 noon – 10 pm / Sunday 12 noon – 9 pm


To Finish: Salomonkatu 3, 00100, Helsinki
In English: Solomon street 3, 00100 Helsinki

Do you like sushi buffet or this kind of restaurants? Have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “Sushi buffet review in Helsinki

  1. Amazing!!! Thankfully I just finished eating dinner. I absolutely LOVE sushi. I actually had it delivered to the hospital after delivering my first daughter HAHAHAHA!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I tried first time few years ago and I love sushi, Thailand and Japanese food today. 😁 Haha, really didn’t know about this before trying. I did not know this then.. 😀


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