Finland is the best country in world – 30 reasons

I am so proud of my home country! ❤ Finland is the best country in the world. How great news is this? Why Finland is the creates country on the earth?

1. Finland is the safest place in the entire world
In Finland is safe to walk outside and travel. We have low stats on terrorism and social issues.

2. We have a great and reliable police force
We trust our police force.

3. We don’t have organized crime.

4. Helsinki is the capital city of our country
Helsinki is honest city and it has historic culture. Finish people most likely return someone’s wallets to a police station. You get also your money back, really! We just honor other’s property and personal space.

5. We have the freedom to vote and press word in magazines.
In Finland, women can also vote after turning 18 years. We have free press also, they can write and publish report without borders. It is kind of cool thing!

6. In Finland, we have heavy metal music
Our country has heavy metal music, several bands, and other musical performers.

7. We have cleanest food and water
We can drink water from the kitchen piping. We have clean food, organic and local food’s, which is grown here. We have a rich culture and food traditions.

8. Finns drink alcohol
Younger people drink less alcohol than older people in Finland. We have our own alcohol’s like Koskenkorva, Lonkero, and other drinks. Yes Finns drink but I don’t really like it… 😀 haha!

9. We eat a lot of porridge
We grow our own oats and eat a lot of porridge for breakfast and sometimes in dinner too.

10. We drink a lot of coffee
We drink a lot of coffee, in the morning and day. Some Finns make coffee also in evening before sleeping.

11. Cricket bread
We use crickets in food and bread. Yeah, really.

12. We have school lunch
One article says that Finland’s school lunch started in the year 1948.

13. People can choose their religion and opinion in elections
We have reliable elections, where everyone can vote what they think about president or policy.

14. Equal rights to vote
We have better rights to vote in our country. Finland was the first country, who gave all citizen the opportunity to apply for parliament and gave also all citizen right to vote.

15. Freedom
We have our own personal space and freedom to different choices in our country.

16. Human rights
We have better human rights in our country.

17. Well-being
Finland has great health system and stable well-being.

18. In Finland, women can birth safe way.
We have a safe environment for women births. We have low stats of maternal deaths.

19. Most nurses
We have a great school system and we educate nurses for different areas of health care.

20. Best country to families
Finland is a safe country to grow children and families to live.

21. Good education and support for students
Finland has a free education system. We can go school nine years when we are children. And, after that, you can apply to high school or vocational school. When you get your degree, you can apply to University of Applied Sciences. These school’s is free also! Only the lunch is at own cost after you have finished your primary school. Student’s get also financial support to study. This helps a lot!

22. Everyone learns to read and write

23. No natural disasters
We don’t have tsunamis, tornados or other natural disasters here.

24. Green forest and nature

25. We made the first mobile phone
In the year 1991, was made first GSM phone. But the actual first phone call was made several hours earlier. The phone company was Nokia.

26. We invented the first mobile game
This game was called “snake”, it was invented by Taneli Armanno to Nokia phone 6610 in the year of 1997.

27. Best airport in Helsinki-Vantaa, which function well

28. Best Christmas destination in Lapland, where Santa Claus live

29. In Finland, we have 2-3,3 million saunas

30. We are crazy about skiing

Here is the link to the article, what was my source of information.

The link is here:

Have you visit in Finland or would want to travel here? 🙂



6 thoughts on “Finland is the best country in world – 30 reasons

  1. Well, many positive things. Thank You. 30 – I am not crazy about skiing. 9 – Porridge, no way! There are also some negative things, which You did not mentioned. For example: mandatory Swedish. Without it, I could speak one European language more. Now my blog is only in four languages, but otherwise it could be in five.

    Have a good day!

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