Spring favorites

I want to write a post about what things I like in this spring so far. I think my year has started really fresh, quite good and with some new things, like this my journey as lifestyle blogging. I want to enjoy little things in my life. You can’t really notice always these little things, what you like or enjoy in everyday life. It is good to think about, what things make you happy, even the smallest thing in the whole world.

What things I like about so far?

1. Fresh facial products for washing

I want to invest in good and fresh facial products, what I use to wash my face and keep it in good condition. I have some skin problems that I need to take care of, so it is very important to invest good products.

2. Vanilla tea

I like tasty and warm tea in the evening. I have new vanilla flavored tea, which I like much.

3. Friends tv-show

I love a good comedy tv-shows and I have started to watch this Friends tv-show again. I have seen it a couple of times. It is just so good if you want something to enjoy and take your own time in the evening. Comedy tv-show just makes your day and it is great to enjoy same fun tv-show.

4. Souvenirs from Canada

I got some souvenirs from my little sister, who visited in fall in Canada. I got some healthy and tasty tea collection. I got also some honey. I love tea with a teaspoon of honey. There is nothing better to drink in the evening.

5. Better eating habits

I liked this challenge to eat vegan for a 30-day in January and I started the year without meat and dairy products. I liked this very much, so I want to keep the healthy part of it in my life. I am going to keep my nutrition all kind of plant-based foods and vegetables. I want to use less meat or replace it with vegetable alternatives. I think I will allow some fish and eggs to my food choices.

6. Nude color nails

I love nude color nails, so I got new color nail polish into my small collection. I think it is really natural looking and nice shade.

7. Beautiful flowers

Home is nothing without nice and beautiful flowers, such as tulips. It is nice to look and see the beauty, and to decor little twist your home. I like fresh and light colored flowers in springtime especially.

8. Books, photo albums, and health magazine

I rented new books from the library. I also borrowed healthy recipe books from my big sister. These were so useful and I got new recipes to my cooking book. I can test these in the future. I got also a cheap sale fit and health magazine.

9. Notebooks 

I got new notebooks to write down my financial stuff, daily diary and inspiration for blogging. I got also a golden notebook for writing down my blog ideas (there are no photos of this one, however).

10. Walking in outside

There is nothing better than walking in spring-time outside and feel how the sun is shining. It is nice that it is already more light than before.

Have you something favorite thing in this spring? 

insta photo-spring favorites

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