Fresh green smoothie

Serving: 3 small glasses

You need for this recipe:

– ½ banana
– half avocado
– a little piece of cucumber
– a little piece of lime
(- ½ apple if you want a little bit of sweet)
– 1 tablespoon ginger
– 1-deciliter pineapple
– a handful of spinach
– 2-deciliter almond milk
– a handful of green kale

Peel and chop a half banana, avocado, apple and ginger piece. Chop also a cucumber. Heat water in a pan and cook green kale about 5 minutes. Open pineapple jar and add the pieces to a blender with other ingredients. Flush spinach under water. Add a handful of green kale, spinach and 2-deciliter almond milk to blender. Mix all the ingredients well together and serve in a glass.

Here is the same in photos. Have a fresh day!

Here is the photos green smoothie with apple..


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