Here is my home country, Finland

I want to introduce to you my home country, Finland. ❤ I tell you guys more about, what things are great and good in Finland. Why you should visit and travel to Finland? 🙂

Nature and sauna

We have nice and beautiful nature. Finnish is called the land of thousands of lakes and forests. We have a lot of woods, different kind of nature and hiking destinations. In Lapland, you can go to hiking and skiing. We have a lot of little islands and natural parks, where you can visit. We have a sauna, adventure swimming and nature trails. Finnish people are well known for sauna and going to hot steam in the sauna.

The atmosphere and fresh air

In Finland, we have fresh atmosphere and air in outside. We have the four Seasons in weather. Nothing is better than how the air smells after raining or what the steps sound like gold snowflakes. When I have visited in the Mediterranean, where humid air is present, especially in the summer. The difference is when you return to Finland from some warm country.

In summer we have some of the warm weather, estimate over 20 degrees usually. Sometimes it can heat up almost 30 degrees, but it is not common. Summer can be rainy and gold also. Autumn is rainy also and the leaves turn in to a different color, that you can imagine. Winter is usually gold in October to march. Spring is nice and beautiful when nature wakes up and everything gets green.


We have very clean water and water pipes. We can drink the water from the tap. You can’t get sick from the water. We get also warm water in the shower.

Culture and education

In Finland, we have many museums, art collections and great quality of music. We have the free education and school. We have also free lunch in kindergartens and primary schools.

We have a good school system and they are constantly upgrading training plans. If there is something wrong, it’s bullying and clicks. I think without these things, everything would be better. And in school, we need more of ways to deal with feelings and how to use social media in the right and safe way.


In Finland, we drink a lot of coffee. There are brands, like Juhla Mokka, Kultakatriina, President and other brands also.


We have the best chocolate in Finland. There are brands, like Fazer and Panda. There are very different flavors and opinions that you can choose from.


We have city library’s, where you can borrow books, Cd or DVD. I think it is good when you are a special student and have to lend books for your study’s. Also, families can borrow kid’s books, DVD’s and games. You can also read new magazines in the library. It is also great to visit there and to wonder what there is.

Public traffic

We have pretty good traffic system in Finland. You can travel by train, bus or metro, where you have to go. Also, you can visit in Sweden or Estonia by ship. There are ships Viking line or Silja Line, those you can choose from.

Finnish people have good spunk

Finns people have this good quality, that they are spunk. It can be shown when people try their best in everything and keep up the culture. Usually, old people tell young people, how our veterans fight for the country and how the Finnish independence was achieved 100 years ago. Finnish culture, economic and language developed during the 20th century. I am very proud of Finland, that we have our own language and culture.


Finnish people do not brag about things or their achievements

Finns people don’t praise their achievements or things they have achieved in life. It is good quality. Even though people are smart, competent and trained, so we still do not brag it for others.

Finnish people can be little shy

Finns people can be shy. Finns are a bit of a joke. Finns don’t talk a lot and also not with stranger people. If you use the bus or wait for a bus, Finns usually wait in line. They are often waiting for a bus nice between from another person, this looks like kind of funny. Finns usually respect them own space and let it also for other people. It is hard to sit to next to stranger people in train or bus.

Have you visited in Finland?




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