Minimalism lifestyle update

So, I write about minimalism lifestyle at the end of January. This post has been most viewed, and it has got a lot of comments and other interest or opinions about this lifestyle. This has surprised me! Thank you for all who have read this post about my thoughts about minimalism and all who has to get interested in it and told about your lifestyle improvements. There is such a great community of bloggers and readers who have the same interest in minimalism lifestyle.

Now I am going to tell you guys, who my life has changed after I watched the document about minimalism from Netflix and how my minimalism challenges went in spring. I did 7 and 30 days minimalism challenges. I tell you more about, what thoughts it made me think of and what I did when time went by.

First, I did the 7 days minimalism challenge. I put the photo here, about it.


In this week I didn’t spend money for 24 hours, I cleaned my desks and e-mails. I tried to practice zero-multitasking and be media free for one day period. I made morning routines and did more stretching. This 7-day long minimalism challenge was easy to do, although it was easy to forget the tasks, it helped that I write those on my calendar.

Second minimalism challenge started after this week-long challenge.


In the first week, I tried to be offline for one day, meditate and do less in digital. This week I also tried to complain less, do 3-6 main goals and clean my reading lists on Facebook. This first week went pretty well but some tasks were harder to do.

In the second week of this minimalism challenge, I tried to learn to be myself, do goals for this year and think about my makeup collection. I cleaned my clothes closet and do step for learning a new skill (this was piano playing, I downloaded this app for learning play piano).

The third week started to do less daily basics and habits. I tried to slow down, practice single-tasking and cleaned my Instagram followings. This week I wanted to clean, relax, go to sauna and do what made me happy. I went to this evening flea market and music event, which was so great and nice weekend plan. I write also journal for 20 minutes. At the beginning of this week, I almost forgot to follow the daily tasks. All tasks didn’t go as I was planned.

Last week, I created evening routine, practice gratefulness and tried to stress less. I cleaned my warehouse, got rid of things I didn’t need and tried to let some goals go away. I did not succeed to be without makeup, not to stress of anything and do the tasks in right day. So, I learned that it is good to be okay with failure and doing something wrong or different way.

This 30-day challenge went pretty well. Sometimes I forgot to do the tasks, but I tried to focus on doing it then tried to do everything with some precise code. I don’t need everything that I got in my home. Less stuff makes me happier. It does add peace of mind. I thought that best of this challenge was spring cleaning and arranging things in the right places.

So, after January I have cell my clothes, plates and recycle better. I recycle my carbage, paper magazines, glass jars, cardboard, metals, and food waste. Do you recycle?

I tried to chop less and plan my meals for the next week. Also, food grocery shops are good to made by what you really need and use for several meals. It is good to buy just the foods that you need and really use. I have tried to use my dry ingredients from my kitchen cabinets. I also use the box for my spices.

I went through my closet again and put some clothes or stuff away what I didn’t use anymore. I checked out my living room decoration and got rid of stuff, I didn’t really like. I tried to find a new home for drink glasses, cups, and photos frames, that I didn’t really need. My little sister gets the drink glasses, jewelry, and some belts, that I don’t need anymore.

Well, here was my thoughts for now and my minimalism lifestyle improvement. I have still a thing to do in my home and life. I would want to use and buy fewer things. I would want to think about living with less stuff and materialism life. I would want to think about living with a roommate because living with others and in less space, would interest me but I really need my own space and peace. I don’t know if I can do the changes for this, because it would be a huge change for my life and living lifestyle.

Here are my tips for minimalism life:
– Clean up one place at one time, go throw your howl home
– Use your own bags when you go to the grocery shop
– Fix broken stuff or clothes, you really need or throw it away
– Recycle everything you can
– Think what you really need and buy less – you save money and your time



What you think about minimalism life? What tip do you want to give me for this lifestyle?

Have a happy day! 🙂 

less is more