Dreams and hopes for year 2018

Before I start to tell you about my dreams and hopes for 2018, I want to think back this year. It included traveling alone in Finland, a boat trip and a lot of time with the close relatives. I also cut my hair shorter, made some bike trips and I moved to a new home.

Here are some of the best photos of this year 2017.


Which things make me grateful?

I am grateful for the close people, friends, and my home. I have learned this year to explore my limits and take it easy. I have listened to myself more and done some yoga and pilates. I am also grateful for my education and job.

My dreams for 2018

I want to achieve a balanced life and everyday life. I want to find my place and purpose in the community. It is important to feel that you are necessary and important as part of other people. I want to also enjoy life and have fun.



In life, I want to invest in good relationships. I hope my loved ones stay healthy. I want to give time to close people and do some good deeds.


My hopes for 2018

I want to enjoy my work and everyday life. I want to take care of myself. I could invest more in physical activity, rest and balance. I think that sleep and relaxation are also an important part of life. My hopes are also to travel more and see the world in the future.

Elä Unelmasi, Motivaatio, Kannustin

Hope you had a nice day and have a good new year 2018!