Special post: Valentine’s day favorite things to do and enjoy your day

I want to write a special and extra post about, what you could do at valentine’s day and how you could enjoy your day. These are some of the things that I could enjoy and like to do. These suit very well to all women’s and girls. There are several things that don’t cost so much and some of the things that need some money to make happen. So, let start this! 🙂

1. Face-mask

It is always nice to put some nice face-mask on and relax. In the same time, you can treat your skin and take care of it. There are several face-mask types, some of them moisturize and clear your skin from bad impurities and excessive sebum. You can choose either a washable product or facial mask that is removed from the skin after it has dried.

2. Nail care, manicure and polishing nails in a nice color

You can do a manicure at home also! You need for this just a nail file, nail scissors and nice colors of nail polish. Cut extra nails first and then you can file the nails that shape what you like the most. Then polish the nails in a nice color that you like currently. If you want, you can do the same for your feet nails.

3. Warm shower or bath, if that not possible then go to a spa

Take a warm shower or bath. If you can, go to a spa for a few hours or spent all day there. Nothing is more relaxing than warm shower, bath or swimming. In a spa you can go to the hot tub, swim in the pool and relax or float in a warm water. Take a friend or sister with you, then it is also a quality time!

4. The sauna

Go to the sauna, it is really comforting and relaxing. Sauna warms you up and it makes good care for your skin. Your metabolism and blood circulation brisk up in a warm sauna.

5. Go to a shopping or window-shopping

Pamper yourself with shopping and window shopping. Is there something you really need? Clothes, stuff to your home or something else? You can invest in good things or what you really need. Sometimes some flowers or new thing makes your day better. You can buy present or flowers for yourself, who is stopping you?

6. Do something that you really enjoy or like

I really like read some good book or do some yoga and exercise. You can think what you like to do and what you enjoy much. What makes you happy and clad? That’s your answer!

7. Relaxing, spending time or lounging on the couch

It is good to take time to relax, spend your free time in peace and sometimes you need just good lounging on the couch. It is good to have some time when you don’t have to do anything or think about nothing. It is good to relax and be in peace or take it easy.

8. Do mini-trip and book a night at the hotel

You can be a tourist in your hometown or do a mini-trip some city nearby. Book a night at the hotel you like or want to test out. Nothing is better than enjoy time in a nice hotel room and visit in a cool place that you want to experience. You can book a hotel in your hometown also and be a tourist there. Go to places where you haven’t visit before. Enjoy your night in a nice hotel room, eat some good food and take a good night sleep in the cosy bed.

9. Buy some chocolate or make your favorite treat

Buy your favorite chocolate and enjoy it. You can also make your favorite treat, what you really like. Nothing is better than a good dessert or sweet treat.

10. Order take food and watch some movie or Netflix

Make your day little easier and order a take food from some restaurant or just a pizza. Enjoy good food with some great movie or Netflix. Watch something fun or comedy movie, what you really enjoy or like. If it is horror even! 😀

What is your favorite thing from this top 10 list? 🙂 Have a relaxing valentine’s day!