Earth hour, flea market event and WWF

I went to this Earth hour and evening flea market an event in March, which was arranged by WWF. This event was arranged in this old Bruno engineering work building. WWF Finland is part of the international network to influence world environment, energy and animals and protect the earth. International WWF was established in the year of 1961. WWF try to influence on the degradation of our planet and people’s ecology footprint, which is made of food, energy, nature and environment things. How we use energy and natural resources? How it affects on our planet and living here?

Here is the link to Finland WWF site:

Here is the link to international WWF site:

Here is the link to this Earth hour:—WWF-n-Earth-Houriin-osallistui-ennatykselliset-188-maata-3432.a

In this last link, was said that world really showed light mark for climate change. On Earth hour was involved 188 countries. This was the eighteen times, that this Earth hour was arranged. In Finland, we spent this time with climate-friendly food. A lot of famous buildings, geographical areas or statuary switched the light off.

This Earth hour causes positive changes and projects to start. In Singapore do work to use less plastic bags, In Peru, there is started to do more cycling roads and in Nepali, people got Led-lights. All small and big changes are better for the future, climate and global health.

Evening flea market and earth hour event on Saturday 24.3.2018

I thought that this event was important and interesting. I would be good to arrange more for these events, where you can get new info and information for how you can influence on earth well-being and health. It is good to cell your things and clothes when you don’t need those anymore. Here evening flea market, people got to sell their stuff and clothes for other people.

There was also some bands, speakers and food stalls, where you could buy vegan food and treats. There could also buy different drinks, like a bear, cider or coffee. Performers were light circus Spektri, Nefer Nefer, Milou, Mafia Honey, Dilemma, Younghearted, from Youtube Soikkuu and Sirkus Magenta. There were different companies or people involved, like Roots Helsinki, SoiSoi, Myy ry, Urbaani Vegenda, Loving Hut and Jänö.

I thought it was interesting when you could test how your food choices impact on the global and effects on greenhouse gas emissions. Bovine and pork was the heaviest food choice. Lighter was pea and soy. In evening, there was the Earth hour, when every light was switched off.

There was also some specialist part of the speakers, like climate journalist Reetta Rönkä, Helsinki environment center’s climate expert Mira Jarkko, WWF Finland’s secretary-general Liisa Rohweder and WWF protection expert Stella Höynälänmaa. This event was made cooperation with Helsinki town, Tukos Media, Vöner, and Lidl.

I really liked this band called Younghearted, it is Finnish music with nice lyrics and saying. I tasted spring rolls and vegan chocolate cake. These cost about 4-5 euros altogether, so it was really cheap. Water was free. I didn’t really find anything from the flea market. It was nice to go and look around. I did take some brochures about food choices and animals stickers with me. I thought I would speak up and give my family members these brochures about us food choices impact and info.

I would want to do better choices in life, which can influence nature, global health on earth, food system and waste. It is better to eat less meat and make better food choices, what isn’t so healthy or what causes a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. If we all did the change, it would affect well on earth’s health and our nature. We can do small changes in the beginning so it wouldn’t be so hard.

Steps to influence global health and earth

1. Eat less meat
Replace your meat one or two times per week with vegan choices, like soy product, beans or vegan foods.

2. Switch your devices and lights when you do not need them
When you go somewhere from home, switch your computer, tv, and kitchen devises off. In springtime, you need fewer lights, so open the curtains and let the natural light in your apartment.

3. Buy only the food you need and use
Plan your week’s meals before and do the shopping list. Think what you really need?

4. Buy fewer clothes or unimportant stuff
Think really before you make your shopping choices, do you really need new shirts, clothes or new stuff to décor your desk?

5. Use your own bags and fruit or vegetables reusable bags in the shop
You can use your own bags when you go to grocery shop. You could invest in your reusable bags also, where you can put fruits and vegetables you are going to buy. I am going to get these reusable bags next! So I don’t have to get all time the plastic bags in a grocery shop.

Have you done some changes like these or which can affect well on nature, global or climate health?